3 With Eva!

Get to know the person behind the Hustle. What do we all have in common? We’re all doing our best to live happier and healthier lives. People who have the most success at this tend to have a sense of community and purpose both on an individual and collective level.Β We have a community of people sharing their passion and talents and the energy is contagious. We are dedicated to spreading each other’s Hustle with our own network of friends, family and colleagues.


Owner of Skincando

3 with Eva! 🎀 Sara Damelio, owner of Skincando, a skincare line that I am absolutely a fan of!  Check out what our talented Jilly Vordick created out of an interview I did with this passionate aesthetician and hustler!


Owner, McNamara Creative Co.Β 

3 with Eva! 🎀 proudly presents Meaghan McNamara Larsen! From furniture rehab to doing huge art installations around DC…even across from Nats stadium!! Smart, creative, and a true Hustler…we loved checking out Meaghan’s cool studio in Kensington, MD! 😎


Owner, Elana Designs LLC

3 with Eva!🎀 proudly presents…Elana Hammerman Mendelson! Side Hustle in the City introduced many of us to this dynamic, super-talented, hilarious, supportive wonder woman! πŸ’ž


College Admissions Counsellor at Vinikeps

3 with Eva! 🎀 proudly presents…Laura Rosenberg Hosid! Never knew her and now we all will! 🀩 She’s the real deal…loves what she does and works hard for each client. Super Impressed with her!


Real Estate Agent + Founder, The Jill Schwartz Group

3 with Eva! 🎀proudly presents Jill Schwartz!Β I had seen Jill’s picture in various publications around Washington DC and beyond but never knew her and now I’m thrilled I do! πŸ₯°Β WOW..what incredible passion and kindness radiates from this boss babe! 🀩


Artist and Art Teacher

3 with Eva! 🎀 proudly presents…Β Kim Schaechter Cohen! Check out what our talented Jilly VordickΒ created out of an interview I did with this dynamic artist and hustler! πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨