“Hustlers Supporting Hustlers… That’s What We Do!”

Side Hustle in the City is dedicated to building strong social and business connections for women. We blend personal, professional and financial wellness to create stronger communities. People want to find more joy and connection in business and community.

Side Hustle in the City was created for people who are dedicated to the growth of their own business as well as others and we do this through support, collaborations, encouragement and fun!

Our monthly Hustler Hangs made us quickly realize, the deeper you get to know someone and what they do, the more passionate you are about sharing their products, skills, services and talents with your own network of friends, family and colleagues. Beyond the monthly Hustler Hangs, we have daily communication on our social media channels of over 2,000 members and quickly growing. We host Hustler events and workshops, and spotlight our members. We inspire, collaborate and encourage personal and professional growth.

Creating a stronger, healthier community by supporting women business owners is our ultimate goal.


“Side Hustle in the City has allowed me to grow my business in the most incredible way possible. The community  is so inspiring and supportive and I have never been so happy that I joined this group. I would not be where I am today without the support from all of the people in Side Hustle in the City.”

– Cookiesbydrew

“It is the best and my favorite group of all times. I feel The Side Hustle Group is my Big Family. All Positive energy and encouragement from all the incredible ladies in here. Side Hustle in the City is the best Ladies and I am so thankful for that”

– Chaza Specialty Bakery

“I would not be in the place I’m in without the help of Side Hustle in the City. I’ve connected with so many people I otherwise would not have and cannot thank this group enough for their support in getting the word out about my Side Hustle selling the whitening toothpaste I’ve posted about. I have had a good month to say the least.”

– Nuskin

“I am grateful for this group and the many supportive women I met through it. Thank you Side Hustle in the City!”

– Hania I.

“Side Hustle in the City is brilliant. It is a place where so many people like me want to go. You look forward to going to the facebook page. It’s just a real personable way to tone down all the noise of social media out there and hone in something that feels so genuine and true and honest. I’ve met so many great people, and there are so many more that I want to meet because everybody has a story to share. It is very empowering and endearing.”

– Jill Schwartz Group

“Side Hustle in the City lifts so many entrepreneurs up with their Side Hustles, a truly innovative and much-needed resource!”

– Whitney E.

“If it wasn’t for Side Hustle in the City, there wouldn’t be a side hustle for so many incredible ladies. We are grateful for Side Hustle in the City.”

– Trio Jr.

“After my first Hustler Hang I was thoroughly impressed! To meet so many of you and have the opportunity to engage with a positive and supportive community of local female entrepreneurs was really special! Thanks for letting me be a part of it— very much look forward to continuing the conversations.”

– Gitika K.

“Thank you Side Hustle in the City for creating such an amazing space where all side hustlers can meet and support each each other! We need more groups like this that support and empower entrepreneurs instead of competing against each other. Love this!!”

– Rodan + Fields

“Thank you, Side Hustle in the City, for providing us with a safe space where we can be supportive of one another! So grateful for the time, love, and energy from Side Hustle in the City!”

– Tami L.

Meet The Founder

Eva Scheer is a native Washingtonian with a science degree in Community Development and a master’s degree in Education. From 2007 – 2017, Eva worked as Director of Operations at a Nutritional Supplemental company that was recently sold to a Fortune 500 company. Eva is a graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and The Nutritious Life Studio and has double certifications in Health Coaching. Her company, Eva Scheer Wellness serves private clients in the DC area and beyond.

“In December 2018, I went to bed thinking about the many talented women who offer amazing products and services in the Washington DC area and beyond. I had always heard about them but could never find them so I woke up and created Side Hustle in the City and the immediate response was overwhelming. With over 2,000 Hustlers and growing, I proudly build strong social and business connections for women every single day.” 

“Community wellness is my jam!”

Eva Scheer

Founder, Side Hustle in the City