Powerful Group Creates Powerful Individuals

by | Jan 20, 2020 | Member Posts

Powerful group creates powerful individuals…or is it the other way around? The classic
“chicken or the egg” equation is inevitable when discussing Side Hustle in the City,
founded over a year ago by fearless group leader Eva Scheer. The purpose of the
group, to create and instill community engagement, specifically to empower women
entrepreneurs who can support one another personally and professionally, has been a
game changer for me.

The collective wisdom and support of the women who attend monthly meet ups, share
one another’s contact information, recommend women from the group to their peers,
and offer their own services within the community has allowed me to: leave my full time
job, start a small business and return to my primary professional love. In the process I
have: left my comfort zone and found I have other comfort zones, met similar-minded
women, reconnected with friends and neighbors, and assisted other women in their
goals to reaching success – however, that might be defined.

Side Hustlers don’t define themselves or others, that might limit our potential! Rather,
we hit the pavement, try new activities, and work to be the best version of ourselves we
can be. We do this with the help of one another. No judgment, just support.

Tami Levey

Professor of English, Montgomery College
Founder, College Access Counseling